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Herring are forage fish, mostly belonging to the family Clupeidae. They often move in large schools around fishing banks and near the coast. The most abundant and ...
Hering may refer to: Hering (surname) Hering son of Hussa (late 6th century-early 7th century), Bernician prince Science Canals of Hering, or intrahepatic bile ...
Examples from the Web for Hering Expand Historical Examples Hering and also Helmholtz claim that the kind of inversion which occurs is largely a matter of chance or ...
her·ring (hĕr′ĭng) n. pl. herring or her·rings Any of various silvery fishes of the family Clupeidae, especially the commercially important Clupea harengus of ...
Hering USA is a dealer in fine harmonicas made by Hering and sells them around the world at discount prices.
Define herring: a fish that lives in the northern Atlantic Ocean and is often eaten as food—usage, ... Origin of HERRING. Middle English hering, from Old English h ...
Home Hering Propellers is a high performance propeller manufacturer, recognized by racers and boat enthusiasts throughout the world.
Herzing offers flexible scheduling and over 50 online degrees so you can learn on your terms. More Information. Feel like you're part of a family.
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